Classic Vs Volume lashes? This is by far the most common question I get from clients because eyelashes are eyelashes, right? While both lash styles look amazing, they both have fairly opposite end results. So depending on what ‘look’ you’re after it is so important to know how Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes

Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes, Characteristics

Classic Lashes (also known as ‘individual eyelash extensions’) have been around for years now. Classics were the first original method of a single false lash being glued onto a  single natural lash. The ultimate lash aim for a flawless natural look is to have every single natural lash attached to a false lash in order to achieve that ‘full’ look. The process of classic lashes takes anywhere between 1.5 – 2 hours, anything done quicker than this is not something to be impressed by.


Moving onto Volume Lashes, as the name suggests, have the ability to create much more volume to your set of lashes. Volume lashes are a newer addition and a very welcome technique to the beauty industry. Volume lashes are more versatile than classic lashes in a sense of achieving either a natural or glam look. They have a more fluffy and full appearance and range anywhere from 2-10D which refers to how many lashes are attached to each one individual lash.


Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes, Application

Classic sets involve false lashes of a thickness of 1.0 – 1.5 mm and are of varying lengths. They are applied by carefully choosing the placement of each varying length to achieve a look suited to each individual eye shape. Classic lashes should not look clumped together or feel stuck together, instead they should look separated and pointing in the same direction. A classic lash set should should feel soft and natural and look as though you use really great mascara!

The volume technique involves your lash stylist creating “fans” out of the lash extensions (between 2-10 lashes each fan). This is how we can adjust the look from natural to dramatic. For example 3D referring to 3 lashes in the fan. Usually a thinner lash thickness is chosen, between 0.5-0.7 mm. This is what allows us to create a different results and also not being restricted by the amount of natural lashes the client has.

You might be surprised to know many lash experts use pre made lash fans for volume lashes. Let us tell you, this simply does not give the same result. At Buff&Co we hand-make each and every lash fan during the process of doing a clients lash set. This ensures durability and longevity that you simply do not get from buying them ready made from a supplier. Next time, before you splash out on a new set of lashes, it is important to know if you’re getting a cut-corners job or the real deal.


Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes, Price

Classics certainly appear to win this round being much nicer to the bank account than volume lashes. However, keep in mind classic lashes have limited thickness, therefore splashing out a little more for added volume might achieve the look you’re after. Classic lashes also tend to get “spidery” quicker than volume lashes, meaning more regular refills are needed. However, brushing regularly with a lash wand is the best way to maintain classic lashes as long as possible and helps to maintain their shape.

Buff&Co Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes Prices, Here.  

As you can imagine there is a lot more work involved with volume lashes (so many fans!), therefore they are of a higher price point. A lot more lashes are used in each procedure but this does allow for some clients a little more time in between refills, depending on how full the client wants their lashes to be all year round. Volume lashes do not need to be brushed with a lash wand as regularly as classic lashes as there are more lashes jammed in close together like sardines, helping them maintain their direction.

Classic Vs Volume lashes before you pick up the phone!

Before you pick up the phone to book in for eyelash extensions, ask yourself what look you are hoping to achieve? There are heaps of Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lash reviews online that can also give you some insight into what to expect from each technique.

Remember, good lashes are a slow process, there is no quick way around it. The end goal is to walk out of the salon with an incredible set of natural looking lashes while still maintain good lash health.

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