As a lash specialist, you’ve probably been advised of the golden rule to inform clients to not get their lashes wet (or allow water anywhere near their eyes) for at least 24-48 hours following their appointment. For such a long time, it was thought that this timeframe was made in relation to meeting the ‘drying’ time for the adhesives used in lash procedures. This timeframe can certainly be seen as unrealistic as we all know it’s near impossible to keep your lashes dry when simply having a shower. This guideline also restricts us from being able to watch classic tear-jerkers such as The Notebook and Marley and Me, and nobody is happy about that…

humidity eyelash extensions

However, what we NOW know is that the ‘drying’ and ‘curing’ stage of the lash extension process is actually dependant on humidity. Yep, you heard me correctly… No more keeping your lashes dry after lash appointments – let’s be honest, no one was doing that anyway!

This process is known as polymerisation, which will occur when the cyanoacrylate in the adhesive ‘polymerises’ with the humidity. This moisture will break down the stabilisers used in your adhesive, forming a strong bond between the natural lash and the extensions. In simple terms, fanning a client’s lashes following their appointment will not actually dry the adhesive any faster! However, this newfound knowledge is a positive step for lash technicians as we can now better understand our craft, allowing us to provide our clients with exceptional results every single time.

“Having a sound understanding of humidity and how it effects my eyelash extensions helps me educate my customers on how to ensure longevity” – Jess Buff

Having a better understanding of the process of polymerisation allows us to closely watch the humidity levels within our studio to ensure it won’t effect out adhesives cure and bond behaviour. Creating more humidity within your workspace will allow for your adhesive to set as quickly as possible. However, humidity tends to easily fluctuate and it is quite difficult to maintain the perfect level of moisture. Don’t stress yet though, we’ve found the perfect solution to this tricky situation…

A quick and easy way to solve this problem is by simply misting either your work space, or the lashes you have been working on.

Misting allows you to immediately change the humidity levels of the direct environment around your working area, ensuring your adhesives are curing as best as possible with each lash application. Misting lashes at the end of your service is a great way to assist the adhesive to set, whilst also clearing the client’s eyes of any irritants and further reducing the risk of any reactions occurring. Misting at the end of a procedure will also ensure good retention of your client’s lashes – and we all know how important that is!

humidity eyelash extensions

Understandably, some people may still be intimidated by the idea of getting lashes ‘wet’ within that initial period, considering we were all once strongly advised against it. However, misting is simply that – mist, not water. Misting will create moisture in the air but it will not wet or damage the lashes. If your application was completed correctly and you are using a quality adhesive, misting and correct humidity levels will be the difference between your clients raving about your lashes or dissing them! YIKES!

If you’re still a little iffy about it, start slow and test a few people before diving into the deep end. Don’t be afraid, trust us! Check your client’s lashes at their next visit to assess retention and quality of your lashes. This is the best way to involve your client in the process, teach them a few tricks and get your misting skills up to scratch.

If you decide to invest in a Mister, here are a few of our tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out your handy little device: Only used distilled water. Avoid tap water due to bacteria and contaminants. Gently fill your mister with a funnel to avoid overspill. Go slow. Practice until you feel comfortable with your process. Make sure you have a good understanding of your Mister and how it operates -Where possible, choose a mister with a small particle size of under 0.5 um. Always keep your Mister approximately 20-30cm away from natural lashes. Try to keep humidity levels around the lash area to 80% or lower. Always empty and leave your Mister open at the end of the day. – Step back if you see water particles forming! This means you are too close. Mist your client’s eyes as a way to return moisture to the eye following their procedure, it feels great!

If you are having trouble with your eyelash extension adhesive or retention contact Buff & Co Lash Professionals for further assistance