The 3 Skincare ranges used in Salon……ALPHA H…SOTHYS……THALGO….. are concentrated ranges using active ingredients to achieve the best results possible. We are committed to achieving visible results of replenishment and rejuvenation whatever your skin type or age. Our skincare ranges contain a concentrated and balanced combination of potent natural ingredients. They have avoided using any unnecessary chemicals, fragrances and fillers. You will notice a change in your skin when first starting out , whether it be a facial or simply starting a new skincare regime under our guidance. Our facials and skincare programs are specifically designed for you. We listen to your concerns, and advise you honestly on what we also see, giving you advise and guidance to help you achieve realistic goals for your skin. We want to educate you on your skin so you will understand the importance of

-why you are doing what you are doing

-why you are using what you are using

-why you need to understand it’s not just what you put on your skin, it’s when and HOW to you use your products to get the best results possible.

Through our skincare ranges you will experience new responses that will indicate stimulation in the lower layers of the skin to promote specifically what we are targeting for you, whether it be the production of firming fibers, increased hydration, pigmentation problems, anti- aging and wrinkles, acne and/or scarring or just the simple the removal of dead skin cells to give your skin a softer, smoother and plumped up more even looking skin with a brighter more youthful glow.

Whether you choose a basic pick me up Express Facial or one of the more Intensive Deluxe, Institute, or Clinical Peels on offer, we guarantee you will leave us feeling a difference that you will welcome in the look and feel of your skin.

As explained earlier, the Facials below whether they are Express or Intensive will be designed specifically for your skin. This means through our consultation with you we have a numerous number of treatments over our 3 ranges we can choose from to treat your skin on that day.

Because each skin is unique, what we do and what we use in each category of our facials will vary as it will depend on the needs and condition of each individual skin whether it be an Express quick “pick me up” or an Intensive Institute Facial.  However there are some specific procedures that do separate one from another listed below.

Express Facial

$55 ———————————-30 minutes

INCLUDES – Double Cleanse, Exfoliation, Steam, Mask, Moisturise

No Extractions

Deluxe Facial

$95———————————-75 mins

These facials take on specific concerns and needs for your skin. Treatments chosen will have ingredients ranging from potent vitamins, essential oils, structural peptides, invigorating herbs, natural plant extracts, algae and marine extracts and much needed antioxidants.

Institute Facial

$110———————————-90 mins   

These facials are intensive and across our 3 ranges have many treatments to help target one or more specific minor or major concerns in the skin.

Our skin protects us from the external aggressors of everyday living. Unfortunately the protective mechanisms of the skin tend to flaw our appearance with dead cell build up, unwanted pigmentation deposits, and the excessive breakdown of collagen, forming deep lines and wrinkles. As the skin ages, it becomes less able to hold a solid defense against UV rays, hormones, stress, lifestyle and free radicals.

These facials give the skin a fighting chance, using chosen percentages of Glycolic Acid they have the ability to constantly challenge the skin with PH adjustments creating waves of stimulation, using our skincare ranges/treatments chosen specifically to suit your skins needs and conditions. Results are amplified with correct treatments and long term use of a correct skincare program, they are not reduced and do not plateau, whether it be for acne, scarring, pigmentation, sensitivity, hydration, deep lines and wrinkles.

This is combined with educating you on how to look after your skin, that being (whether it is one of our skincare ranges or another)

-that you understand why and what you are putting on your skin

-that you are using your skincare correctly ( so important)

It is important to understand that the long term use of correct skincare prevents the skin succumbing to external aggravators…

– by maintaining a healthy cell renewal process, prevents dead skin buildup,

– by constant stimulation of firming fibers, this slows down the aging process,

– by the use of pigment reducing ingredients, helps keep the skin flawless as possible

– by the use of antioxidants to fight off free radical damage.

Micro Derma Brison


$65———————————-30 mins

Brighten, tighten and refresh your skin with this express treatment. The thorough removal of unwanted surface skin cells evens out the complexion whilst boosting your skin for a more youthful glow. Add on a performance plus option for more targeted results.


$105———————————-75 mins

Indulge your skin in a deep cleanse by ridding it of dead skin cells, blocked pores and unwanted debris. A relaxing massage with a potent blend of botanical and essential oils will bring your skin back to life and feeling regenerated. Add on a performance plus option for more targeted results.

Tailor your treatment………

Anti-aging| Skin Brightening| Decongestion| Hydration



A combination treatment that includes a Glycolic Peel and Microdermabrasion, this dual action exfoliation amplifies results by doubling collagen regrowth, boosting hydration, removing surface cells and minimising unwanted pigmentation. Add on a performance plus option for more targeted results.   

Tailor your treatment

Anti-aging |Skin Brightening |Decongesting |Hydration

Clinical Peels


$80———————————-50 mins   

A 30% Glycolic Acid Peel is applied to the skin for ten minutes to diminish the appearance of impurities, pigmentation, fine lines, dehydration, thickened skin and a dull complexion. This intensive peeling agent is best applied in a course of treatments ranging from 6-10 on a fortnightly basis.

Add on a performance plus option for more targeted results.

Tailor your treatment

Anti-Aging | Skin Brightening| Decongestion| Hydration


$80———————————-50 mins

A unique combination of Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Mandelic Acid in a 40% solution, designed as a specialist option for treating severe sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, large pores and acne skin.

Course of treatments recommended for best results 6-10 

Enzyme Masks


-Pro Enzyme 1 Fruit Mask     

-Pro Enzyme 2 Flower Mask

Intensive High-Performance Rubber Masks


-Azulene with Camomile Extract

-Cryo Firming with Spirulina

-Cherry with vitamin C

-Clear Skin with Tea Tree Oil