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Voluminous Eyelash Extension Glue, is quick drying and best suited to classic or volume lashes.

ALL eyelash extension adhesives should be replaced every 4-6 weeks. The eyelash adhesive, once opened, only has a 4-6 week shelf life. After 4-6 week, the glue risks losing its potency causing lashes to not stick properly during the application. Using fresh glue is the most crucial step in an eyelash extension application. Always shake well before dispensing a droplet of glue. Get a new droplet of glue every 20-30 min during all eyelash extension procedures.


Store our Voluminous Eyelash Extension Glue in a cool, dark, dry area, always keeping the nozzle clean. Storing your lash adhesive in an airtight container sitting in rice will keep your glue from being affected by unwanted temperature and humidity changes. The main ingredient in you adhesive (cyanoacrylate) only lasts 4 weeks once the bottle has been opened, 1 year if unopened. For lashes to last for your clients and keep a happy, regular clientele coming back regularly, fresh glue is most important. It will cost more to lose clients over trying to stretch out the time with a glue adhesive. Using glue that is not fresh will also be time wasted as a lash stylist when clients are coming back for refills with not many lashes left.

Humidity and room temperature is another huge thing to watch while doing lash applications. All lash glue will work best in a room with 40-50% humidity (this can be monitored with a hygrometer). Room temperature is best to sit at about 20-22 degrees. Air humidifiers can be purchased if you are struggling with this in your work environment.


Allergies and reactions will always vary between clients. It is important to be able to assess whether a client is allergic and needing immediate removal or just a mild reaction which could have been caused by other factors before jumping straight to the conclusion it has been caused by the glue.

Some other factors than can cause irritation after a lash appointment;

  • Was too much glue used during the application? A lot of lash stylists can overuse glue if lashes feel they are not sticking properly which could be due to humidity or glue that is not fresh.
  • Were the eye pad and the tape applied correctly? If not things like bruising and fumes irritating the eye can be mistaken for allergies.
  • Were the lashes cleansed properly? Products not rinsed properly can get into the eye and be very uncomfortable for the client.
  • Were the lashes placed too close to the eyelid? Sometimes lashes can even be touching the eyelid which will cause discomfort long after the lash appointment.
  • Have any fibres from tape been stuck in the lashes which are scratching the eye?



Ethyl cyanoacrylate, hydroquinone, PMMA, Carbon Black.


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