Want to know the most commonly asked question by my clients? I’ll give you a hint, you’ve likely wondered it yourself, or perhaps even googled it!

It’s probably no surprise to hear, especially amongst my new clients who may be sceptical at first. However, it is very much a misunderstood topic and something I feel I must shed some light on as a beauty industry professional.

So here it is, the number one most asked lash question…

Will false lashes ruin my natural lashes?

You may be surprised to hear me say this, but the answer is – yes. Now, before I put myself completely out of business let me just explain my answer a little better. Yes you will ruin your natural lashes if you 1) don’t take care of them, 2) don’t go to a qualified and experienced lash tech and 3) get too lash happy, don’t worry I’ll explain ‘lash happy’ further down in this post!

Lets start from the first step to maintaining perfect natural health to your god given lashes… plus make your new false lashes last even longer

Will false lashes ruin my natural lashes? No, but only if you maintain them properly with fortnightly refills

Always alway always take care of your lashes. When lash tech’s tell you to comb them, we mean it! When lash techs tell you to get your refills done ever 2-3 week MAX, we mean that too. This is possibly the most important piece of advice I can give as a qualified beautician, timely refills are key.

So why are refills every 2-3 weeks so important to your natural lash health? You’re probably thinking I’m just trying to get you back in the salon, however this isn’t the case at all. The reality is, the longer your natural lashes grow out with a false lash attached, the more strain the weight of that false lash puts on the natural one. This is why it is so important to regularly book in your refills every 2 weeks without fail.

Will false lashes ruin my natural lashes? No, but only if you go to a qualified lash tech

This is very important and trust me I’ve heard all the eyelash horror stories. That is why it is so important to do your research and even chat to a few friends to find out if they know any highly recommended lash experts. The easiest way to find a good lash salon is through someone who is already going there and knows the quality of their work. I would say most of my clients have come from word of mouth – thank you everyone for all the referrals.

The reason why it is so important to find a qualified lash tech is because false lashes are applied using specialty glue that needs to be handled with care. Also, the technique of applying the false lash needs to be done correctly to ensure optimal natural lash health. You wouldn’t get a tattoo from someone who wasn’t a tattoo artists, you wouldn’t get botox from someone who wasn’t a trained cosmetic nurse – you know where I’m going with this! Chose your lash tech wisely and if you feel you need to, ask about their qualification.

Will false lashes ruin my natural lashes? Not if you don’t get too ‘lash happy’

So what do I mean by lash happy? Well, it’s always the same story when clients start to get lashes, eventually they start asking to make them longer and longer OR thicker and thicker. I know we all want to have the biggest most volumous lashes in Melbourne but unfortunately, that ‘extreme’ look is without doubt going to damage your natural lashes. Rest assured though, we always give our clients the best sized russian volume lashes their natural lashes can handle. So before getting too ‘lash happy’ think about what it’s really doing to your long term looks.

You should now be feeling much more confident and educated on how to maintain your natural lash health. Remember, your lash tech should care as much about your natural lashes as their do about your falsies.

If you have any questions about lashes, feel free to contact Buff and Co today